HANNA HI7051L 土壤样品处理液 (500ml)


- 500mL plastic bottle with blue label

Colorless solution


- Allow the substrate to dry and remove rough residue and pebbles.

Prepare a solution of 1 part porous soil and 2 parts of HI7051 solution (for example, add up to 50 mL of soil to a beaker, gently compress, then pour this soil into another container and add 100 ml of HI7051 solution. ).

- Mix well for 30 seconds and then wait for 5 minutes for the nutrients to dissolve into the solution. Re-mix and immerse the pH electrode in the prepared sample and gently swirl to ensure the electrode surface is in maximum contact with the electrode.

Methods of preservation

- After use, store the lid at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

- Do not dilute or add any chemicals to the solution.

Always use fresh solution for each calibration

- ABSOLUTELY do not reverse the used solution into the bottle.

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