Hanna HI70480 PCA分析控制器专用余氯【游离氯】DPD试剂套装

Free Cl2 Reagent Set includes:

HI70450: Free chlorine indicator solution for PCA, 500 mL

HI70451: Free chlorine buffer solution for PCA, 500 mL

HI70452: DPD reagents for PCA, 5 powder sachets


Attention: the indicator solution needs to be activated before use.

• Add the content of 5 powder packets of HI 70452-0 reagent to the bottle with Indicator Solution.

• Replace the cap and shake the bottle for a few minutes to make sure that the powder is completely dissolved.

• The Indicator Solution is now activated and ready to be installed in the PCA (Process Color Analyzer).

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