Hanna HI93703-57 교정 용액 (4 x 30mL)

Package: bottle

Size: 30 mL

Quantity: 4

Applications: Food & Beverage, Honey, Maple Syrup


The HI93703-57 is a reagent grade glycerol reference standard used in the calibration of the HI96785 Honey Color Analyzer and HI96759 Maple Syrup Photometer. The glycerol is used to calibrate the photometers to 100% transmittance. A honey or maple syrup sample is then tested to determine the amount of light, at a specific wavelength, can be transmitted relative to the glycerol standard. The % transmittance is then used to grade the appropriate product. For honey the results are reported as pfund mm while for maple syrup % transmittance is used. The HI93703-57 is for 4 bottles containing 30 mL of glycerol.

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